Rural  Runway

Producing Fashion shows are a huge cost to the environment but we know the show must go on. We collaborate with existing events and create digitally led campaigns.

Current Runway’s

The Kiondo Competition


We have partnered with The Campus Lady magazine which reaches over 21k young women in Kenya’s top Universities.

Drive national creative entrepreneurship and collaboration by commercialising cultural heritage. 

The Challenge
The selected candidates will team up with peers in the Kenyan KTF community to create and brand the Kiondo.

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Lux Afrique Polo day


We have partnered with Lux Afrique luxury members club who have a 50,000 global reach, for their celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday. 

Introduce mainstream luxury brands with African heritage and craftsmanship by showcasing them alongside existing craftsmanship led African luxury brands to the most prestige African audience.
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The Challenge
We want to feature hand made accessories from our communities and pay them.

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