Basket – Collection Set (S/M/L)



Now a popular fashion statement, woven baskets originate from Kenya’s Kikuyu tribe. They wove huts in spiral cone shapes, signifying limitless connection in each layer. From the grounds natural certainty, to the top of spiritual and supernatural realities.  Traditionally made from stripping the Sisal plant, an extremely durable material that doesn’t need any pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers to grow. Kikuyu’s would dance and practise community rituals, socially organising themselves to reflect the same shape as the Kiondo hut. Kikuyu women carry these as a chalice of complex symbolic, spiritual archetype. It has kept their craft alive through local trade as Kenya’s national emblem, tailor made by rural women, so no one is ever the same.  

Colour Options:

  • Brown
  • Cream
Handle Options

Natural Bamboo
Rounded dark brown wood
Flat dark brown wood
Natural Squared
Natural Rainbow