About us

We are a team of young women born in our native countries, inspired from the arts passed on from our ancestors through craftsmanship.

Vicky walked into her favourite store in London to be stunned by a whole line of Kenyan inspired products and ran around like a crazy woman full of excitement. But when she asked the shop assistants if they knew where the products were from, she was met with blank stares and uncomfortable giggles. But they did praise that the bags were the best selling the brand has ever had.

Beautifully combining simple European shapes with Kenya colours, intricate weaving, except using machine manufactured with leather. At home Vicky displayed the items like pieces of art, studying the gut wrenching sensations from haunting magical memories as a little girl going to see tribal Kikuyu and Maasai women and girls who spent hours crafting these, for their livelihood. Often the only skill they have to empower themselves, passed on from ancestors.

Symbols peace used to communicate their intentions with other tribes, inaccurately pasted on fabric that would have been made from natural resources. Then it began to click. As the world is moving towards Vegan products and the fashion industry needs to accelerate sustainable, the Kiondo is traditional made from stripping the Sisal plant and ancient techniques used plant-based diet.

These Indigenous women just need connect with our trends and translate their knowledge. While women in the west, fight for gender equality and justice, these women have no voice for some of the most horrific abuse with their only chance of escaping is their small business’ making these bags. Getting fashion to collaborate with them, their voices are heard, fashion inherits real solutions and their stories start to connect society.

Save the Kiondo Petition here  https://chn.ge/2w4527Y

If we get fashion to collaborate with them, their voices are heard, fashion inherits real solutions and magical stories start to connect society.



Born in Kenya. Started an ambitious career as a Fashion Stylist determined to connect authentic African style and mainstream Luxury at 19.



Born in Asaam ,a relatively unexplored part of north-east India, which is nestled between ‘Indic’ and ‘Mongoloid’ cultures and is a melting pot of unique cultural identities, craftsmanship and art forms.



Born in Caracas, Venezuela. A gifted artist. Growing up in the midst of Neo-Socialist revolution jolted her to a move to Belgium without speaking a word of French at the age of 17.

Collaborate with us

We welcome collaboration – We embrace individual talent and Ambassadors – We need support from various sectors. The Indigenous and marginalised are the most resourceful human beings in the world. It’s about resources. Money helps but if you are serious, we’ll be creative … let’s get to work.