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The Collective are impactful brands, ambassadors, who support us and native communities to produce beautiful ethical or sustainable products, with commercial excellence yet hold the story and craftsmanship of the people, as key.

We believe in collaboration.

SEP work with 300 incredible women in Jerash and Al Azraq refugee camps to embroider stunning handmade scarves and home accessories. Their detailed craftsmanship is way of stitching their stories to the rest of the world. Some were born their and have never seen life outside of a Jordan refugee camp.

Retailer: Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, UK.


Bottletop is the first ethical, sustainable and 3D printed luxury store on Regent Street London. Their upcycled aluminium ring pulls held together by crochet are genius. They began with a campaign centred around handmade bags made from recycled bottle top’s in Africa, aligned with Mulberry. The creation of these products now enhance the skills and livelihood of some of the most talented artisans from around the world. The Bottletop Foundation supports young people to protect and educate themselves in Africa, Brazil and UK.

Retailer: 84 Regent Street, London, UK

Tina Lobondi is a luxury womenswear designer who progressively forged the connection between African Heritage and French Couture in the UK. Even though she rapidly rose to success with British celebrities such as Thandie Newton demanding her designs, Tina’s passion is rooted in her ESIMBI project. ESIMBI supports young people In Congo with career workshops and tools for the Art’s Industry. Tina is working on a Congolese modelling competition in partnership with Metropolitan Models, with the aim of developing roads to inclusion of Congo’s supreme talent. The Rural Retail is excited to be exploring Kuba fabric originating from one of Congo’s strongest, creative, yet underrecognized tribes.


Monroe & Turtle recently ‘hatched’ into Fashion by two young best friends Lolly and Tilly. After visiting Vietnam several times. They noticed a pattern of bonding with women, listening to their empowering stories and issues they face. Lan a Vietnam native now oversees the production of their unique overthrow jackets – a must have in every wardrobe. Hand picked materials, accented with Hmong embroidery, so no two items are the same and each jacket is named after a woman they meet on their Journey. Monroe & Turtle have committed to donate a percentage of their profits to Hagar International, a charity in Vietnam that works to combat the trafficking, abuse and exploitation of women and children.

Luxury property and lifestyle magazine highlighting premium developments across Africa and the globe

They host affordable, fully catered tours to showcase regions coveted by discerning investors. On these expeditions, we are excited to dive into a nations philosophies, art and crafts of their indigenous, to drive the fusion within interior design. True eco-luxury.


'I am, because you are' African Philosophy