Youth Women Drivers of Peace


There are 73 early pregnant girls and single mothers In Ndera, Rwanada who Youth Women Drivers of Peace (YWDP) are limited in supporting due to lack of financial support. YWDP work with them on to build vocational skills including textiles and small business planning. Due to the consequences of the horrific 1994 Genocide of Tutsi people, many families in Ndera struggle are highly vulnerable with no income, no idea on how to engage themselves in productive activities. They have limited capacity to produce sufficient food in small family land, limited capacity of widowers heading families, low or absence of skills to initiate income generating activities to provide for family needs and cover children education and health needs.

Ewase, 20 years old. Helps her single mother pay for the living and education of herself and siblings.

  • A multi talented creative: Music and Fashion.
  • Studies Business management and Marketing
  • Freelances as a project manager.
  • Handcrafts accessories for extra income.  

The Challenge

  1. We want to send our skills exchange creative representative (CR) to skill the YWDP women and girls with designs.  We want to produce handcrafted bio-degradable pieces using Banana Fibre made from Banana tree bark, which tonnes is fed to animals after farmers harvest or let to rot where they emit greenhouse gas emissions.

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