Takawiri Enterprise 


Michael was Inspired to help his community from the Water Hyacinth overgrowing in Lake Victoria, halting the local Fishing Industry. 

Being a master weaver, he applied using nature to create products and developed Takawiri craft. Water Hyacinth is an overbearing weed challenging the global agricultural sector. 

By cultivating the Water Hyacinth into beautiful recycled paper packaging and books, Michael is able to mobilize the community with jobs. Collecting Water Hyacinth while he processes them.

The Rural Retail is representing Takawiri Products for small – medium scale orders.

The Challenge

Lake Victoria faces a probable environmental catastrophe due to ecological destruction due to the invasion of the water hyacinth. This prolific weed depletes the waters of oxygen and raises the toxicity levels for fish. It has also disrupted all economic activities in the lake including fishing and tourism thus threatening the livelihoods of the community around. TEL therefore uses water hyacinth as an intervention in the control and management of the weed.

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