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Although the wealthiest in the our world are moving in to Kenya grabbing the best Real Estate, majority of educated young people are still unemployed. Ongata Rongai in the suburbs have the most vicious flooding with 15 lives lost recently. The area is notorious for the build up of waste and terrible infrastructure so getting to the city every day is a huge challenge. Many young people in Kenya have basic education and extremely talented. But employment and entrepreneurship skills are low. 300 young talented creatives survive on odd jobs for income, including handmade clothes, rugs and accessories. KTF brings them together every Sunday to morally support each other. Dormant talent with enough talent to be steered into a fully functioning Design and Production House. Meet Miriam, Jackie and Martha. Three young single mothers who have grown up mastering beading and weaving Kenya’s traditional basket Kiondo. They’re first to make our Rural Resolution Chain.

The Challenge

  1. We want to create a modernised Kiondo’s which truly echo’s the full meaning and cosmology.
  2. We want to challenge them rest of the community to recycle waste in design.
  3. We want Brands and Creative Industry professionals to mentor them

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