By connecting directly with communities, we introduce them to valuable resources to develop products that would appeal to wider markets.

Lead by Vicky Ngari, the workshops entail a holistic approach of understanding the core group, traditionally, personally and their accessible resources.  

Our approach is about reviving ancient knowledge of products passed by elders and framing them in modern context. They teach us as we teach them. 

Environment & Natural Products – Cultural Heritage – Story Telling, Personalisation & Branding & I.P – Packaging – Pricing – Market – Retail Orders timing & Industry Process & Language – Team. 

Participant in Beyond Fistula

Why Rural Retail

By skilling women from indigenous groups, the Rural Retails workshops aims to give them access to the international market as well as facilitating a two –way communication channel, we are providing a valuable equal exchange.

Many women have been using eco-friendly practices for centuries, but the effect of the climate change and poverty makes it hard to sustain. They are often very skilled in their handicraft.

Taking part in Rural Retail’s workshop is a way for them to take the final step to open their own business and to reach a broader market for their goods.

Our goal is to help creating ethical & sustainable manufacturers.

Be the resolution

We invite relevant professionals to engage in our workshops to inspire and be inspired. 
Take part, and collaborate with these groups in small scale production and story telling.