About Rural Retail

A platform of solutions to connecting indigenous craftsmanship and the fashion industry by:

Curating a network of indigenous artisans
Training and mentoring indigenous talent with industry
Digitally connecting opportunities to global trade

If we get fashion to collaborate with them, their voices are heard, fashion inherits real solutions and magical stories start to connect society.


Supporting Indigenous Communities to be:

How we do it

By connecting directly with communities, we introduce them to valuable resources to develop products that would appeal to wider markets. Fashion starts to take slower steps and valuing the story starts to fill the gap of trillions. When brands take on a rural retail challenge, the aim goes beyond slowing down mass production, they bring to life indigenous philosophies and culture helping to rebalance the gap of trillions.

Why Rural Retail

Indigenous groups are the guardians of the worlds most important biodiversity (important plants). They were the first to feel the effects of climate change. They have been using eco-friendly practices for centuries, while we are still struggling to find sustainable solutions. By skilling them to complete on the international market and facilitating a two –way communication channel, we are providing a valuable equal exchange.

Be the resolution

‘Be the resolution’ and get involved with Rural Retail Challenges , Donations or give your support by volunteering.

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